– Review of India’s Cheapest Hosting Provider

Looking for a hosting solution for your website?
Don’t want to pay the hefty prices of AWS Web Hosting or Google Cloud?
Want a cheap, affordable but secure and fast Webhosting?
Then you are in luck cause today we are going to review CloudPoco.

  • Features

CloudPoco advertises unlimited SSD web hosting. Some of the features that they advertise are –

  • No Inode Limits – Unlike other web hostings they don’t have a limit on the number of inodes you can have. Inodes are basically the total number of files and folders that you have on your hosting.
  • 100% SSD Storage – SSDs are the fastest storage you can get. Having SSD storage boosts up your website’s loading time and hence improves user experience. Your website loading speed also affects your SEO, which is one of the most crucial aspects of a website’s online presence.
  • Edge Caching For Speed – This is a factor that also affects website loading speed. This feature works by caching the most visited content of your site and hence improves the loading time of popular pages by a lot.
  • Free Website Builder – The name says it all. Just buy the hosting, use the free website builder and you are ready to go. No hassles.
  • DDoS Protection – As your website gets popular, you will more than definitely have competitors. They have DDoS Protection to keep those nasty tricks by competitors at bay.
  • Free Malware Scanner – Google marks Malware containing sites as unsafe and also doesn’t show them up in search results. If you want a healthy online presence, malware must be dealt with. Hence, this is a very needed feature provided by CloudPoco.
  • Pricing

So, Now when we have talked about the features of CloudPoco. Let’s get to the Pricing which is very important for new websites or budding bloggers. The pricing of CloudPoco starts from Rs. 39 per month or $0.5 per month. Now that’s cheap hosting. And you get all the features mentioned above even in the lowest-priced plan.

So, let’s see all the plans available on CloudPoco.

cloudpoco plan


  • Conclusion- 

Web hosting is the backbone of your website and provides complete resources on which your website runs. It is very important to choose the right web hosting provider to ensure that your website never goes down and always performs error-free whenever someone visits it. After seeing the features of CloudPoco for this price, we can conclude that CloudPoco is the best choice for new websites or budding bloggers who has less budget for hosting and want fast loading website.

Have any questions? Please drop a comment below and I will answer the same ?

$0.5 / month












  • Cheap in price
  • Free Malware Scanner & DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Inodes
  • 100% SSD Storage & Edge Caching For Speed Free
  • Free Website Builder


  • Restricts 18+ Content
  • Deletes Hosting, if found any violations, without warning or backups
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