Dedicated Server Hosting: 5 Things You Need to Know

Dedicated Server Hosting :

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Dedicated Servers Hosting is when you are only allowed to use one server and you do not have to share the server with anyone else. This makes you the controlling person and you can choose to customize your server according to your requirement and the needs of your domain. Although dedicated servers are on the expensive side, you get several features and options that you are worth paying for. In fact, if your website is visited by many people in a very short time, Dedicate Server is the right choice for you.

How it works:

Do you know the fact that personal computers used to be big before the small version came on the market? In dedicated server hosting, servers are quite large and they also have a physical existence. Just like any other computer, dedicated servers also have RAM, microprocessors, hard drives, and so on. If a computer is being developed to manage a large amount of data, you could call it a server. On the other hand, if you use such a computer that works exclusively for your website.

Dedicated servers can be divided into two primary parts which are described below:

  • Unmanaged: Uncontrolled dedicated server means you are the server being controlled. Therefore, you are responsible for the maintenance of the server.
  • Control: On the contrary, you can hire another company that will not only maintain the server but will also keep it running smoothly. This procedure is called Managed Server. The only thing you will be responsible for is sending the information to the hired company. In general, managed dedicated server can provide features like 24×7 help desk, 24×7 monitoring, operating system update, scanning for viruses and malware, filtering spam, updating kernels and DLL files etc.

The Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • Performance: Dedicated servers can handle a lot of information at any time. Therefore, your Server can be trusted for its performance and will not show any errors, even if your website is busy.
  • Reliable: It can be said without a doubt that most people invest in Dedicated Server Hosting because of its reliability. Since you are the head of the server, you can control the minimum downtime, the changes and the upgrades required. You can even predict the cost of maintenance and repairs and plan ahead so that it does not burn a hole in your pockets.
  • Control: No matter what type of server you choose, manage or do not manage, control is absolutely in your hands. You can change the software according to your needs and even improve the service based on your prerequisites.
  • Secure: since you are the person in charge of dedicated servers and you can customize the needs according to your needs, it is the most secure server.

Cloud Server Hosting Vs. Dedicated servers hosting:

Google Server Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the introduction of cloud hosting, many people have moved there. Cloud hosting saves a lot of space as data is stored in the ‘cloud’. To be specific, you can store your information in the storage space available online. You can access the information from any device and from anywhere by logging in with your account. Several domains also store their data in the cloud known as cloud hosting. There are some pros and cons of cloud hosting mentioned below:


  • Generally, the cloud consists of several servers. Therefore, if any of the servers stop working, other servers will compensate
  • Since cloud has multiple servers, expanding the storage becomes easy and you can increase the capacity as needed
  • Cloud Hosting is Cheaper Compared to Dedicated Servers Hosting in India


  • A few years ago, some private images of celebrities became famous due to one of the weaknesses of the cloud industry. Therefore, cloud hosting has so far not been reliable in terms of security

Virtual Private Server with Dedicated Server Hosting:

Although Virtual Private Server is similar to Dedicated server hosting, it only covers works on a limited scale. Many people compare it to an apartment where you only enjoy a small portion of the large property. Similarly, in a Virtual Private Server, you can make some changes within your limits. Let’s look at the pros and cons of VPS:


  • VPS is Cheaper Than Dedicated-Server-Hosting
  • According to the theory, you can fully customize VPS according to your needs
  • There are managed, semi-managed and uncontrolled packages from VPS
  • As it is a private server, VPS provides good security


  • The most common problem you face with VPS is the improper distribution of resources. This means that, despite the availability of the option to take full advantage of the server, you can not do so. VPS issues with problems as soon as you try to use the server fully.

Addtional Tips

If you are now deciding to invest in Dedicated Server Hosting, here are some tips to help you in the process:

Replacement: make sure you check the clause that ensures that the server will be replaced if the parts fail while you sign the contract.

Quality of the hardware: Since servers have a physical existence, it is equally important to invest in quality hardware for better service.

Uptime: make sure you read the supplier’s record and accept the contract only if the uptime is 99%.

Help desk: The provider should always offer assistance when you experience problems. Your server may not be managed, but you are entitled to support. So go through the provider’s support system to know it in detail.

Cost: The most important step you need to take is to know the cost of installing Dedicated-Server Hosting. You need to understand what features you enjoy below the price.

5 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers:

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