What is Offshore Hosting ? When to use?

We all know about hosting which are regular and which u get easily most probably in cheaper rates. But many people were asking about hosting which gives them security from DMCA and other legal stuffs. So in this blog you will get all information about such hosting. These hosting services are usually called as ” Offshore hosting ” or ” Offshore VPS Hosting ” as most of these hosting are relied on VPS.

What is Offshore Hosting ? When to use?

What is offshore hosting?

In a simple language offshore hosting is hosting your site on server which is located somewhere else other than your country to get protection from your country laws. The main reasons are hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content , Hacking websites, adult content and warez hosting . There are servers that run/host an internet site except its located in another country. many of us use this because it’s much harder to pack up legally and harder to contact.

Types of offshore hosting:

  • Offshore Shared Hosting
  • Offshore VPS Hosting
  • Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting

When to use ?

Basically these type of hosting s are used to stay anonymous for various reasons. Like,

  • To save freedom of speech or press
  • To stay anonymous
  • To post content which are DMCA Protected
  • To get tax and legal advantages


Technically, anytime you host an internet site on foreign servers you’re engaging in offshore hosting. However, the term implies doing so deliberately so as to realize a selected goal, usually associated with privacy, security, free speech, or freedom

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